• Nadelwald

  • Schnittholz

  • Rundholz vor dem Abtransport ins Sägewerk

  • Kleine Fichte im Moos

  • Jungwuchs in nachhaltiger Forstwirtschaft

  • Rombach Sägewerk

NUR-HOLZ - a valuable, future-proof building material

The single-material solid wood construction method has been tried and tested for thousands of years. In the most climatically adverse regions of the world, solid wood buildings built many centuries ago still exist today - made of a building material that is available in sufficient quantities and on a permanent basis.

The Black Forest building culture combines a long tradition with solid wood construction. Already in the 17th century, people lived in solid wooden houses, some of which are still preserved today due to the robust building materials. This gave rise to the idea of the Rombach company to produce houses only from wood, without metal or glue. Tradition and modernity were united: That is NUR-HOLZ.


Internationally successful

We have already been able to realise the dream of the house for hundreds of satisfied NUR-HOLZ clients worldwide. From detached houses and apartment buildings to day-care centres, hotels and commercial buildings. There are no limits to the variety. We leave free space for your thoughts.



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